Why Use a Personal Trainer? And Why Me?

Your fitness goals are almost always attainable. Yet, there are often many ways to achieve them. Some ways take a lot longer than others, and even though you know where you want to go, you may not know the quickest, safest way to get there.

Your fitness goal is like a cabin on a mountainside

ImagineMountainCabinWebsiteFinal that your fitness goal is like a cabin high on a mountainside. You can clearly see the cabin from where you are standing in the forest beneath the mountain. Between you and the mountain is a river valley, not terribly deep, but not easy to cross, either. Now you could probably get to the cabin just by beginning to walk. But the forest is challenging, the river is going to be a problem and the side of the mountain is full of rocks. You can be pretty sure that a straight line is not going to work. So what is the quickest and safest way to get to the cabin?

That is when you realize that the smart thing to do is to hire a guide; someone who has been up to the cabin many times and knows the best route through the forest, across the valley and up the mountainside. Someone who can show you the fastest route, avoiding the pitfalls along the way so that eventually you can get there by yourself any time you want.

Benefits of Personal Training
  • Efficient workout sessions
  • Faster, Safer Results
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Individualized Attention
  • Overcome Plateaus
  • Better Assurance of Reaching Goals
  • Special Attention to Injuries, Weaknesses, etc.
  • Improve Technical Workout Skills
  • Learn Latest Techniques

Not-That-GuyI Get It . . . Really!

But you do want a trainer who has the full command of workout science and human physiology that’s needed to achieve contest-level conditioning while retaining muscle size. Though differing in intensity, the principles are actually the same ones that apply to your transformation, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or get into healthy condition just to feel better.

“Competition Improves the Breed” is an old, but true, saying. In order to compete successfully on an International level without drugs (as I have) you must take your game and your knowledge of the human body to another level. And how to do it without injury takes true expertise! Every time I train a client (of any age, gender or fitness level) they actually receive the benefit of my years in the competitive arena.



     Training Principles I Adhere to:


  • “First Do No Harm.” An ancient saying used by physicians. For my clients it means my first priority is to keep them safe. In the long run, remaining injury-free gives better results than training like a madman (or crazy woman).
  • Full Range of Motion in All Exercises. Gives the best shape and most pleasing proportions. Best for conditioning, too.
  • “Joint-Friendly” Exercise Selection. We pick movements that work the muscle, not the more vulnerable joints.
  • “Age-Specific” Training Styles. Set and rep schemes should be different for trainees of different ages.
  • Balanced, Symmetrical Development. Barring injury-necessitated “work-arounds” we pay equal attention to all muscle groups. No big arms and spindly legs allowed!
  • Cardio Work, Flexibility Training and Warm-Up Routine. A healthy, well-rounded fitness program includes these. You can do them on your own, but we will cover them in detail in the very earliest stages of working together.
 I’ve Trained Fitness Students from their Teens to their Nineties

Doug Edited cropped

A Final Word: The Intangibles

A good Personal Trainer has to have many attributes you may not even think about. I would like to leave you with the thoughts on that subject of one of our country’s most experienced Personal Trainers, author and former Mr. America and Mr. Universe, Doug Brignole:

“I’ve known Tony DiCosta for a number of years, and during that time, he has proven himself to be a highly experienced and knowledgeable participant of the fitness game.  In addition to knowing how to get himself and others into incredible condition, he’s also an excellent communicator.  This is vitally important to those who teach – whether it be fitness, or any other subject.  And lastly, as a veteran trainer myself, I can attest to the need for trainers to be intelligent and alert – as clients are all different, and trainers need to be able to identify each client’s needs, even when the client isn’t aware of that need.  Tony DiCosta – fortunately – has all five of these skills (knowledge, experience, communication, intelligence and alertness), which qualify him extremely well for the task of Personal Trainer.”


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