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sideTriEditedHPIt is all about you . . . .

     The rest of the world may be telling you to “put others first,” and “don’t be self-centered,” (pretty good advice to remember) however, when it comes to personal training it needs to be all about you . . . all about your needs, your goals and your physical fitness. What you do with a fitter, healthier, happier YOU then becomes your responsibility (to keep your priorities straight).  But it is my job to see that your fitness goals are met so that all the important things in your life can benefit from the changes you’ve made.
     Because, let’s face it, if you are out of shape, or not happy with the way that you look, or even if you just have a heart-felt physique goal you have never met it is certain that everything else in your life will suffer because of it, from family and friends to your job.

     Right now, you may be the only one who knows what your goals (and dreams) are. And you are the only one who can decide to take your dreams and make them a reality. Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is a little help getting there. That is what I am here to provide. But the first move remains up to you .

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Tony DiCosta Fitness specializes in a full range of fitness services catering to the needs of the individual trainee but also serving the varied fitness needs of groups, corporations and fitness facilities; including the highly specialized graphic, advertising and copywriting needs of personal trainers, gyms, and supplement suppliers. Whether your are an individual needing personal training or a gym needing a new promotional brochure, please check our our full list of services.

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83 Year-Old Bill Millar Didn’t . . .

. . . let age stand in his way. Research increasingly shows the health benefits of Strength Training for men and women of all ages. My client, Bill Millar, (shown above) combined walks on the beach with his wife, Maxine, with strength training in the gym to overcome a few too many years of inactivity. Yes, it was challenging at first but, happily, Bill progressed quickly in strength and endurance, finally telling me, “I should have done this years ago.”

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So what’s stopping YOU from experiencing all the benefits you can derive from a full-fledged fitness program that includes Cardio, Strength and Flexibility training?

Do you suffer from “Gym-Ophobia?”

Afraid of the Gym?For many who have never done any strength work, the gym seems like an intimidating place. I can understand that: The machines and free weights are unfamiliar and you don’t know where to begin. You know that strength training can get you looking and feeling better faster than anything else but you just don’t know where to begin. This is where a personal trainer can really be helpful. After a few weeks of guidance, armed with a program custom-made for your needs you will be ready to hit the gym on your own with complete confidence. Don’t miss out: You will love how you look and feel!