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There is a wealth of training advice on this page. Most articles were written by me, some by others but all contain insights gained through years of gym experience and competition. I am extremely grateful to the magazine editors who allowed me to share with you the articles on this page. (Click on the article image to view.)

UpgradeThumbTime for a Change? Upgrade Yourself!

By: Tony DiCosta

It is easy to get into a fitness “rut.” We get complacent and fail to recognize that changes are needed in our routines. This article outlines some ways to approach change.

Training Over 502pagespread

By Jeff Everson (with Tony DiCosta)

An insightful article about Masters training techniques and benefits for athletes over 50 by Planet Muscle Editor, Jeff Everson. Some terrific training photos, too, by Corso Photographic.    

WhateverThumbWhatever It Takes

By: Tony DiCosta

Fitness success is not about how hard you train, but how smart you train. And the ability to continue to train in spite of the setbacks that everyone eventually faces is a large part of that success. In this article we discuss “Time-Tested Tactics for Staying in the Game.”    

Field of DreamsFieldOfDreamThumb

By: Tony DiCosta

What is your dream . . . that heart-felt but unspoken goal for your life? Have you ever really pursued the dream? Having the courage to take the steps necessary to reach that goal is the first step. And you may just find that chasing your fitness dream can take you places you had only hoped you could go. This is a good read.

The Art of the ComebackComeBackThumbwide2

By: Tony DiCosta

It is inevitable . . . at some time or other you will have to come back from a layoff. Whether you have been off for weeks, months or years there are certain things you should remember as you embark on your return to excellence. Includes one of sport’s most famous comebacks as an exampe.