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About Tony DiCosta Fitness

Tony DiCosta Fitness was established with one goal in mind: To meet your fitness needs through individualized programs custom-made for your age, fitness level and goals. We are legally certified to conduct personal training (licensed through Fitour), registered with the State of Florida (Registration # G14000013023) and insured for up to three million dollars. The owner has continuously resided in sunny Cape Coral, Florida since 1978.

We have successfully trained individuals aged 15 years to 93 years.

Most clients come to us for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • Improve Strength or Endurance
    (reduce stress, increase energy, improve feelings of well being)
  • Want to look their best at any age (loose fat, gain lean muscle mass)
  • Weight Control
  • Need to regain conditioning lost through injury or a sedentary lifestyle
  • Want to push their bodybuilding efforts to a higher level (including contest training)
  • Want to learn from an expert how to improve their existing training program
To us it is not just about business . . . .
It is about Physical Fitness as a passionate commitment that Tony DiCosta has been following for over four decades. And about wanting to do something significant—to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It is also about using our God-given gifts such as the ability to teach and the blessing of having a healthy body capable of performing at a high level even in later years.

A little bit about the owner and lead trainer….


I have been involved in the fitness game since the early ’60s. I am a certified personal trainer and I also write regularly for one of the most respected bodybuilding magazines, Iron Man. I have been featured in pictorials in numerous mags including Muscular Development, World Physique Magazine, and on the Bodybuilding.com website.
I also “put my money where my mouth is” by competing both nationally and internationally in the hotly contested Masters Division of the NPC. I have proven the effectiveness of my training methods by winning numerous titles, including the Over-60 Division Overall title at the 2012 Florida State, the Over-60 Overall at the 2012 Southern States and the Over-60 Division Overall along with the Over-50 Bantamweight Class at the prestigious North American Championships in 2013.
So . . . whether you want to be a competitive athlete or just look like one AT ANY AGE, I can help guide you, male or female, young or mature, along the right path. Remember: The best guide to follow will always be one who  has “been there.”

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If you are interested in hiring a personal trainer, but need a little more information click on the image above for detailed answers to your questions. Maybe you are concerned about your age, or your present lack of fitness; maybe you want to know my training philosophy and what I think is important for my clients health and safety. Do you think (maybe) that I might try to make everyone look like a fitness model and push you too hard (or too little)? This page has detailed answers to your questions.

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“If I ever had a question about exercise or diet I would put it on my “ask Tony” list. While I am an ACE certified personal trainer myself, there were just some questions that nobody would know except him. His ‘never too old to learn’ mentality allows him to grow his knowledge without prejudice, and he is always happy to help people out.

There is a reason that Planet Muscle, Muscular Development, World Physique, and Ironman magazines have published his works, and I am proud to be able to watch him grow (literally!)

Desiree Duggan

Corso Photographic